Coordinated by Stockholm University, SkillsMatch is a 2 year, €1.25M EU funded project.

Staring in June 2018, the aim of the project is to develop and demonstrate a European-wide assessment and learning, guiding technology which will help users to adapt their skill assets to the demands of labour market focusing on the support of Non Cognitive Skills. Non Cognitive Skills are “patterns of thought, feelings and behaviours” that are socially determined and can be developed throughout the lifetime to produce value: they can comprise personality traits, attitudes and motivations. SkillsMatch will integrate and improve the development of non cognitive skills by providing functionality to enable the assessment and evaluation of such skills and recommending users’ actions for bridging the gap between their skills profile and the one recommended for their target occupations. Moreover, the solution will provide options for measuring non cognitive skills development linked to open badges to provide recognition of the new learning and skills.

Learnovate’s Role

Learnovate will investigate the state of the art in methods and tools for the assessment and validation of Non-Cognitive Skills as well as learning interventions to support the development of those skills. Learnovate will also lead the Evaluation and Sustainability work package, the aim of which is to evaluate the overall outcomes of the project.


  • Stockholm University
  • Fundacio Eurecat
  • DMC Metrix Ltd.
  • University of Alcala
  • Everis Spain S.L.
  • Fondazione Politecnico Di Milano
  • Trinity College Dublin