Content Discovery Plugin

The content discovery plugin harnesses next-generation learning technologies
to provide a comprehensive learning experience tailored to the individual needs of your students. The content discovery plugin:
• Leverages social and semantic search capabilities to return higher quality search results
• Delivers on-demand and personalised learning tailored to individual student needs
• Constructs a coherent and comprehensive learning episode based on a defined pedagogical strategy

What Problem does it Solve
Enable the industry partners to bring their services closer to the student.
Support the student’s learning needs by reducing their time spent locating appropriate and relevant content. Exploit publishers’ repositories of digital resources by reusing content in different learning contexts.

Personalised Learning: Innovative personalisation technologies adaptively retrieve content
appropriate to the knowledge level of the student
Semantic Search: Semantic search retrieves relevant resources by understanding the student’s intent and the contextual meaning of their search terms
Social Search: Social search leverages the past learning experiences of the community to rank future search results
Content Composition: Constructs a coherent learning episode from relevant resources personalised to the immediate needs of the student.