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Experts from our multi-disciplinary team put forward thoughts and commentary on research of our own and other relevant publications.

Are HR and L&D missing a trick? Machine learning for corporate learning and performance

There is a gap in the adoption of machine learning in HR and (L&D). As artificial intelligence (AI) and ML transform businesses and disrupt sectors, we ask why these key functions have remained relatively immune. We explore the benefits of ML for attracting and retaining top talent, managing skills and performance and improving employee satisfaction.

Changing Minds – A Conceptual Framework for Relational Cognition

How many times do we check our phones for a text, email, shared link, or photo? Some of these moments of attention are based on alerts, others are habitual checking for updates. How do our minds adapt to today's constant shifting of focus?

Will Blockchain technology disrupt education?

Blockchain is hailed by fervent advocates as a path to a fairer, more democratic world that disrupts the unelected power and influence wielded by multinational companies and financial institutions.

Barriers to technology integration in K-12 classrooms

The 90s were a time of creativity with innovations such as e-commerce, the Hubble Space Telescope and the resurgence of double denim. With such abundant creativity, one could be forgiven for missing the ground-breaking classification developed by Purdue University’s Peggy Ertmer in 1999.

A quick look at how to decide the starting point for your next digital project.

At Learnovate we work with organisations looking to leverage the power of technology to enhance learning outcomes. We find their ideas range from improving how they do what they do already, to coming up with the next big idea

Should EdTech SMEs invest in machine learning?

In a memorable opening scene of the movie Robocop thirty years ago, prototype security robot ED-209 fails to reverse an instruction to terminate a target during a demonstration.

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