Commercialisation Fund

Ireland's European Structural and Investment Funds Programmes 2014-2020 - Co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union European Union- European Regional Development Fund

The aim of the Commercialisation Fund Programme is to improve the competitiveness of the Irish economy through the creation of technology based start-up companies and the transfer of innovations developed in Higher Education Institutes and Research Performing Organisations to industry in Ireland.

The programme will fund the development of innovations at all stages of the commercial pipeline to the point where they can be commercialised as new products, services and companies.

Commercialisation Fund Project Support is available for projects that address a gap or need in the market by developing innovations that will ideally be ready for licensing to Irish industry or may form the basis of a new start-up in 2-5 years. It is recognised however that some innovations may need a longer time to get to market than others.

Funding is also available in the form of a Commercial Case Feasibility Grant to investigate, scope and develop a commercial case for your innovation in advance of submitting a Commercialisation Fund support application to the programme.

Am I eligible?

Researchers in third level institutions and non-profit research agencies and organisations in the Republic of Ireland are eligible to apply.

Maximum funding level

Proposals with costs typically ranging from €80,000 to €350,000 from all disciplines in the field of science and engineering will be accepted. Proposals with costs outside this range will be considered on a case by case basis.

How to apply

An online application system is available for application preparation and submission.

  • For optimum use of the online system, use one of following browsers – Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox (two most recent versions), and Chrome (two most recent versions). Safari is also supported (iOS devices including iPAD and iPhone are not supported).
  • Disable Pop-up blocker on your computer.

Download and follow the CF Project Support Guidance . To prepare and submit an application online, an applicant must:

  • Have a valid institutional email address.
  • For new users of the on-line system-Register on the system to create an account and obtain a password.
  • Login to the system and go to ‘Create New Application’ under the Commercialisation Fund Project Support Open Call.

The applicant should seek the advice of the Technology Transfer Office (or equivalent) and Enterprise Ireland at least one month before planning your application.

View a sample CF project support application form .

Download the Programme Reference document  and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  to assist you with preparation of your application.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The paper-based application system for Commercialisation Fund Project Support Applications is no longer available.

Call close date

The first 2018 Call for Proposals for the Commercialisation Fund is now closed. The second Call for Proposals will close for Applicants at 3pm on Friday 6th July 2018.

Proposals can also be invited at any time by a Director of Enterprise Ireland’s three Technology Directorates, namely Lifesciences and Food, ICT and Manufacturing, Engineering and Energy Commercialisation. Invited proposals may include:

  • Resubmissions from a previous call where the proposals have been strengthened based on the panel comments and the Director is satisfied to invite the proposal for submission.
  • Proposals where the commercial case for the innovation has been well developed through interaction with the Technology Transfer Office or equivalent office and Enterprise Ireland and the Director is satisfied to invite the proposal for submission.