Our members shape the agenda for Learnovate’s core research programme, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland. The topics of our core research projects chosen and approved by members include Accelerated Digital Transformation, 21st Century Skills, Personalised Learning and The Learner in the Future of Work.

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Accelerated Digital Transformation

Addressing challenges such as remote working and learning, onboarding employees and learners in a remote environment, remote learning, teamwork and collaboration and development of digital transformation roadmaps to support new business models.

21st Century Skills

Learnovate helps organisations meet emergent business needs by supporting the design and innovation of solutions to develop, motivate and retain talent specifically focusing on 21st century skills. Businesses need adaptable employees with strong transversal skills and superior people skills. 

Personalised Learning

On-demand workplace learning solutions support employees in building competencies during work tasks. Performance support helps accelerate the acquisition and application of skills by providing digital learning tools to workers exactly when they need it in real-time.

The Learner in the Future of Work

Focusing on the needs of the learner in the future. This research pillar seeks to look at the learner as a person and how we can support and look after our learners. It looks at challenges related to skills that future learners need and tools to empower them.