Learnovate is a global research and innovation centre in learning technologies. Learnovate maximises impact for our members and clients by combining and leveraging our research expertise with a customer-led methodology and a purpose-led focus on improving the lives of learners.

Collaborative Research

Our industry-led collaborative research is undertaken for the collective benefit of the Irish learning technology industry. Funded by Enterprise Ireland, our core research programmes are directly influenced by our member companies. Members receive direct and exclusive benefits from collaborative research undertaken by Learnovate.  If your company wants to shape our next research programme and leverage Ireland’s leading learning technology network, join as a member today.

Members Expert Panel

Members can join our Expert Panel to review and feed into our core research programme.

European Projects

The knowledge and expertise developed through participation in these projects can be applied by Learnovate as part of the industry focused core research program.

In addition to our Enterprise Ireland funded core research program, Learnovate actively participates in competitively funded research projects such as those funded through the EU Horizon 2020 program. This allows Learnovate to apply its expertise in learning technology to new problems and contexts while working with the best international researchers and companies from a diverse range of backgrounds.

To get involved in our collaborative industry-led research, become a member today.


Our members shape the agenda for Learnovate’s core research programme, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland. The topics of our core research projects chosen and approved by members include digital content; games and gamification; interoperability; learning analytics; learning standards and metadata; personalisation; and social networks.

Find out more about our funded research projects and their impact on the development of industry knowledge by clicking on the project names below.

Digital Content

Addressing the challenges in creating, managing and curating digital content to enhance both learning effectiveness and operational efficiencies


Corporate Portal, Mining for Expertise, Lesson Curator, Almanac


Tailoring the experiences of learners through a range of techniques including: individualised content composition; custom learning paths, and intelligent content discovery


Almanac, iLearn, Corporate Portal

Learning Analytics

Empowering learners and promoting more effective learning by enhancing the understanding of learners, their needs and the impact of learning interventions


EVADE, Feedback, SkillTrack!

Games and Gamification

Motivating and engaging learners through the appropriate application of gaming-related techniques and technologies to enhance learning outcomes


iLearn, SkillTrack!, Digital Games in Early Childhood


Innovative application of learning standards and metadata to provide richer, more holistic learning experiences through more effective  interoperability


Skilltrack!, Almanac, Corporate Portal

Social Networks

Supporting learners in leveraging the community around them to meet their learning needs. Enabling individuals and organisations to gain new knowledge and insights through analytics


Social Network Analysis, Mining for Expertise, EVADE, MyPace, Corporate Portal