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Learnovation is a Global Learning Tech Summit

Discover the latest in learning technology innovation at the virtual 2020 Learnovation Summit on 13–15 October. Join us at our leading global annual event to find out how to transform learning experiences for employees, students and customers in online learning’s biggest year. International experts will explore this year’s theme: Living and Learning in a Changing Workplace – evolving to meet the challenge of remote working and learning. Empower your organisation with the latest learning technology strategies, tools and solutions. Register today.

Event Format

2020's virtual summit comprises 3 hours x 3 days with international keynotes, expert panels, Q&A sessions, interactive chat and real-time polling. On Tuesday, 13 October, and Wednesday, 14 October, the event starts at 9.45am and ends at 1pm. On Thursday, 15 October, the event starts at 1.45pm and ends at 5pm. After the live event, attendees gain exclusive access to a 'boxset' with video presentations and speaker slides to watch and re-watch in your own time.

Powered by The Learnovate Centre, Trinity College Dublin

The Learnovation Summit is organised by the Learnovate Centre, a leading learning technology research centre in Trinity College Dublin and a technology centre funded by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland to support organisations developing solutions for our society's current and future learning challenges. 


<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/learnovation/speakers-daniel-hulme/">Daniel Hulme</a>

Daniel Hulme

CEO of Satalia

Daniel Hulme is the CEO of Satalia, a London-based company that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to solve industry’s hardest problems. He is also the Director of UCL’s Business Analytics MSc, applying AI to solve business, governmental and social problems.

<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/learnovation/speakers-gilly-salmon/">Gilly Salmon</a>

Gilly Salmon

CEO of Education Alchemists

Professor Gilly Salmon is founder and CEO of Education Alchemists, a company formed around her life’s work.This includes Carpe Diem learning design methodology, pedagogical transformation, online teaching, technology enhanced learning, the 5 stage model and e-tivities.

<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/speakers-bob-mosher/">Bob Mosher</a>

Bob Mosher

Co-Founder of APPLY Synergies

Bob has been an active and influential leader in the learning and training industry for over 30 years, winning two lifetime achievement awards. Renowned worldwide for his pioneering role in new approaches to learning, he is co-author of ‘Training for Results’ and ‘Innovative Performance Support: Tools and Strategies for Learning in the Workflow’.

<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/learnovation/speakers-abi-williams/">Abi Williams</a>

Abi Williams

Head of EMEA Business Development & Corporate Sales, Udemy

Abi leads the Corporate & Business Development team for EMEA at Udemy. She is inspired by the transformational power of an Edtech business such as Udemy and its mission to improve lives through learning.

<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/learnovation/speakers-olivier-crouzet/">Olivier Crouzet</a>

Olivier Crouzet

Head of Pedagogy, ‘42’

Olivier Crouzet is Head of Pedagogy at ‘42’ the IT school created in 2013 which promotes an advanced training methodology, called ‘Peer-Learning’. Olivier designed this model which uses 100% project-based methods, without any teachers, lectures, or knowledge transfers.

<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/learnovation/speakers-janet-benson/">Janet Benson</a>

Janet Benson

Learning Lead at Learnovate

Janet brings over 15 years of industry experience to Learnovate. Prior to this she worked in Learning & Development with major companies and holds a Masters in Digital Education. Her role in the Learnovate Centre is to work with clients and members to apply best practices in relation to learning theory and learning design.

<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/learnovation/speakers-aidan-mccullen/">Aidan McCullen</a>

Aidan McCullen

Corporate Coach and Host of the Innovation Show

Aidan is the host and founder of the Global Innovation Show, broadcast on RTE and the only English speaking show on Finland’s Business FM and writer of The Thursday Thought weekly blog. Aidan is a Change Consultant with Flow Consulting Group, where he works with organisations to improve how they engage with each other.

<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/learnovation/speakers-emer-gilmartin">Emer Gilmartin</a>

Emer Gilmartin

CEO of BelowHorizon

Emer Gilmartin is CEO of BelowHorizon, a startup creating language learning activities based on speech and dialogue technologies. She is a researcher in the ADAPT Centre, TCD, where her work focuses on building social and task-based conversational interaction into educational, entertainment and caring systems, which need to form a long term relationship with users.

<a href="https://www.learnovatecentre.org/learnovation/speakers-ciara-garvan/">Ciara Garvan</a>

Ciara Garvan

Founder of Work Juggle

Ciara Garvan is the Founder of WorkJuggle.com. WorkJuggle connects highly skilled professionals with flexible, remote and contract roles. Ciara holds a Masters in Applied Computing and previously worked in organisations such as Accenture, Meteor & Symantec.

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Who Attends?

Learnovation attendees will join learning and development managers, educators, learning providers, entrepreneurs, innovators, trainers, startup founders, learning designers, policymakers, researchers, and people who are passionate about the design and delivery of learning now, and into the future.

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