Our Research Projects

We leverage our specialist knowledge and resources to pursue research projects at the frontier of learning and development. Our industry partners and members are co-creators in the process of innovation and transformation that both maximises the success of member companies, and enhances the reputation of the learning technologies sector in Ireland.

A selection of research projects undertaken by Learnovate in partnership with industry are provided below.


Automating the tagging of learning content

Using off-the-shelf machine learning tools to tag learning content
September 12, 2018/by Niamh Walsh

Using Blockchain for Consent Management

Implementing consent management using Blockchain technology
September 12, 2018/by Niamh Walsh

ML for Corporate Learning & Performance

Applying machine learning to HR and LMS data
September 12, 2018/by Niamh Walsh

Gaming for Peace (GAP)

Innovative soft skills development through a multiple player online role playing game.
November 24, 2017/by Ian O'Keeffe


Enabling the flexible capture, analysis and visualisation of learning data
November 16, 2017/by Niamh Walsh

Serious Games in the Corporate Sector

Review of the evidence for the effectiveness of serious games for corporate learning
November 16, 2017/by Niamh Walsh

Game-based Learning for Early Childhood

Effectiveness of digital game-based learning for early childhood learning.
November 16, 2017/by Niamh Walsh

Curating Content for Informal Learning

Community driven discovery of content to support learning experience authoring
November 16, 2017/by Niamh Walsh

Content Discovery Plugin

Self-directed learning through on-demand access to community based personalisation
November 16, 2017/by Niamh Walsh

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