Learnovate Centre Sign

The first thing you see when you arrive in the new entrance!


Following a 12 week refurbishment project (delivered on time!), we have now moved into our new office space in Unit 28 of the Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus.

It’s a bright, spacious and productive work space with a vaulted ceiling – the open plan area is occupied by the core Centre staff, plus the researchers from KDEG/CNGL.  We have a small number of spare desks to accommodate visiting researchers from our partners in TSSG, DERI and Clarity/Smartlab.  We can also accommodate up to 24 visitors in the purpose-built seminar room, have a break-out area for informal meetings and a couple of small private meeting rooms.

Here are the before and after pictures, looking directly across the space to the vertical windows where the new seminar room was planned to be … and now is!  Come and visit us …

Before refurbishment

The view across the space after the site had been cleared prior to the refurb

After refurbishment

The same view, with the refurb completed