Barbara Oakley

Inside Learning Podcast with Barbara Oakley

This Inside Learning podcast features Barbara Oakley on how we have made huge strides in the neuroscience of learning and how to bring these insights to the way teachers teach.

Folens becomes Patron members of Learnovate

The Learnovate Centre is delighted to announce Folens as a new Patron Member of the global research and innovation centre in learning technologies.

Link & Learn Webinar: Workplace wellbeing – is it the key to a new work/life balance?

Join Ilse White and Frank O'Reilly with special guests as they discuss workplace wellbeing and try to decipher if it is the key piece in the jigsaw that is work/life balance.
Ian Gibbs

Inside Learning Podcast with Ian Gibbs

This Inside Learning podcast features Ian Gibbs discussing how you can learn to harness effective learning techniques to get more out of the books, talks and videos you consume.
Michelle Weise

Inside Learning Podcast with Michelle Weise

This Inside Learning podcast features Michelle Weise, author of 'Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don't Even Exist Yet' about supports for education completion.