Friday, November 13 – 15, 2015 at 5:30 pm

Bank of Ireland, Grand Canal Sq
1 Grand Canal Square
Dublin 2

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Startup Weekend Education brings together educators, developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive impact in education to build gamechanging technology products in 54 hours. Over a course of three days teams develop viable concepts that address the needs of teachers, students and parents, as well as college professors, corporate trainers and everyone concerned with lifelong learning.
The teams are supported by experts in education, technology, design and business

“Good ideas come from diversity. By bringing people from such different backgrounds together, Dublin Startup Weekend Education creates a springboard to create technology we all want to use to acquire new skills”

said lead organizer Ruta Danyte.

The format of the event is focused on bringing people with skills and people with ideas together. On Friday night, participants get a chance to present their technology ideas to the group in 60 seconds. After teams form, the rest of the weekend is spent working on the most popular ideas with the help of experienced entrepreneurs and mentors. On Sunday, teams present their ideas in front of a panel of thought leaders from education and technology industry in Ireland, including

  • Martyn Farrows(Learnovate Centre),
  • Lesley Tully (Bank of Ireland),
  • Dr Claire O’Connell (The Irish Times)
  • Vicky Godolphin (Accenture Ireland)

who will award teams based on business model and customer validation.

This is not a Learnovate event, visit the website to get your ticket and for updates: