Entries by Louise Keegan


ADVANCE 2023 with the ADAPT Centre 7th June 2023

The recent ADVANCE 2023 forum organised by ADAPT, a Science Foundation Ireland-funded research centre, took a deep dive into Generative AI. The half-day, in-person event (held in Trinity College Dublin on June 7th) was aimed at anyone involved in or interested by AI research and innovation. It featured an impressive list of speakers and very much took an ‘under the hood’ look at AI and Generative AI in particular.


Link & Learn webinar: A Focus on Learner Engagement & Motivation

In this session we will look at some of the key research completed by the Learnovate team and discuss some of the potential solutions to address the issues. We will also examine the potential effect the latest developments in AI might have on learner engagement as well as motivation. We want you, the audience to share your own theories and predictions in this space and help drive the conversation.


Inside Learning Podcast with Jason Haddock – VR as a Teaching Tool

Jason Haddock is CEO of Sozo Labs, which incorporates VR into education and training. In a wide-ranging discussion, Jason shares how Technology is pushing many aspects of the world to new heights, yet it seems education is being left behind. Traditional learning methods are outdated and uninspiring, and the adverse effects in schools and workplaces are apparent. VR can potentially be a game-changer in modern education.