Entries by Louise Keegan


Inside Learning Podcast with Marc Ramos – Generative AI in Learning

Cornerstone’s Chief Learning Officer, Marc Ramos has created a 2×2 matrix for how people can think differently about generative AI. The matrix reviews applications for this technology through the lens of both risk and demand. Marc believes that if Language Learning Models (LLMs) can be tailored to train on smaller pools of private corporate knowledge while retaining their conversational spark, much potential will be unlocked.


Meet the Patrons Q&A with CEO at ESI Alan Maguire

As part of Learnovate’s Meet the Patrons series, we speak to Alan Maguire, the co-founder and CEO of ESI, a professional development company responding to increasing global demand from employers for commercial sales talent with a suite of certified skills training courses delivered via its Growth+ digital learning solution.


Link & Learn webinar: A Focus on Skills

2023 is the ‘European Year of Skills’. As skills are high on Learnovate’s research agenda, we are taking this opportunity to delve into this very topical issue for organisations at all levels. We are going to take a look at what is needed, what is being done and how we can find out more about the solutions to future-proof organisations.