Inside Learning Podcast with Jason Haddock – VR as a Teaching Tool

Posted by Learnovate

Jason Haddock is CEO of Sozo Labs, which incorporates VR into education and training. For example, his company creates and implements immersive applications to train workers in high-skilled areas like engineering, manufacturing and machine operation. He’s spent over three decades working in emerging technology and has always been passionate about how humans learn. Now he is marrying the two.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Jason shares how Technology is pushing many aspects of the world to new heights, yet it seems education is being left behind. Traditional learning methods are outdated and uninspiring, and the adverse effects in schools and workplaces are apparent.

VR can potentially be a game-changer in modern education – the first technology that can fundamentally change how we learn.


Having vast experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality and having run global businesses, Jason ‘Captain’ Haddock steers the Sozo ship towards to new frontiers, while avoiding icebergs along the way. Jason is a 2x TEDx speaker, and an organiser of the TEDx Cape Town event.

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