Join us on the Inside Learning Podcast to explore the science of learning and the future of work. Our guest, Friederike Fabritius, acclaimed author of ‘The Leading Brain’ and ‘The Brain Friendly Workplace,’ shares insights from her latest book and discusses innovative strategies for optimizing work environments.

Fabritius delves into the neurochemical dynamics of learning, emphasizing emotional engagement, deep learning through emotional relevance, and the importance of a balanced neurochemical mix – dopamine, serotonin, estrogen, and testosterone – in team dynamics.

This episode highlights the significance of creating a workplace that fosters fun, fear in the form of healthy challenges, and focused work, ensuring peak employee performance and satisfaction. Tune in to understand how to cultivate a brain-friendly workplace that unleashes everyone’s potential.

In this episode:

The Emotional Process of Learning

The Role of Fear in Learning

The Fun, Fear, and Focus Model

Understanding Neuro Signatures

Find Friederike here:

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