Learnovate offers expertise to support companies in fight against Covid-19

As a global research centres in learning technologies, Learnovate has offered its expertise to help companies, government agencies, medical centres and charities in the fight against Covid-19.

The industry-led technology centre, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland and based at Trinity College Dublin, is also offering support to companies applying for the Rapid Response Research and Innovation Funding. Learnovate has supported many Irish SMEs with funding applications. The cross-Government funding is available to companies who can repurpose their tech to help Ireland recover and respond to Covid-19.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Learnovate has been providing teachers and lecturers with best practice advice on remote learning, so that their students are supported to continue their learning journeys at home.

Now, Learnovate wants to reach out to offer support to companies who might be seeking a way to help Ireland reduce the effects of the global pandemic but might not have the resources or expertise to do so on their own. 

Centre Director Nessa McEniff says:

“We want to use our expertise in learning and technology to help reduce the spread of the virus and prepare for Ireland’s recovery. We know that a lot of companies are involved, or want to get involved in the fight against Covid-19, but may be overwhelmed by the workload or not have the expertise in some areas and we want to support those companies.

 “For example, if someone wants to adapt their current technology into one that helps staff understand infection prevention, we could assist them. We also want to offer our expertise, advice and support to anyone applying foror considering applying for – the Rapid Response Research and Innovation Funding.”

If you think Learnovate can help you in the fight against Covid-19, email the centre at info@learnovatecentre.org