Most innovative ideas start with a spark, an idea that will transform learners, performance and the business. In many cases, friends (your Mom!) and potential customers are asked if they think it is a great idea? Next, with positive feedback, a product/service development project can kick-off. Later everyone is surprised when in the vast majority of cases the final result is not successful.

Rob Fitzpatrick, author of The Mom Test, is an expert in ‘how to talk to customers when everyone is lying to you’. Join Rob at Learning Tech Ireland 2017 where he will share his insights on how to develop innovation ideas using proven techniques. ,“Learning from customers is critical for building new products, but customer feedback is notoriously unreliable, especially pre-launch when it matters most. We’ll look at how to separate the fluffy compliments from the real data (and buying signals), ensuring you get more value out of the time you spend learning from and selling to your customers.”

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Peter Gillis
Learnovate Centre