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Meet the Experts | Q&A with Pam Hamilton on Supercharged Learning

We speak to one of our keynote speakers from Learnovation 2021, Pam Hamilton, who is a learning expert with 20 years’ experience working in corporate and public sector teams across the world.
Nigel Paine, Learnovation Keynote

Meet the Experts | Q&A with Learnovation Keynote Nigel Paine

Ahead of Learnovation 2021, we speak to one of our keynote speakers, Dr Nigel Paine, who has been involved in corporate learning for more than 25 years, to get his views on the future of work.

Inside Learning Podcast with Barry O’Reilly

This Inside Learning podcast features Barry O'Reilly author of 'Unlearn: Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results' about how to unlearn ways of thinking or doing that no longer serve you.
Barbara Oakley

Inside Learning Podcast with Barbara Oakley

This Inside Learning podcast features Barbara Oakley on how we have made huge strides in the neuroscience of learning and how to bring these insights to the way teachers teach.

Meet the Patrons Q&A with Jane Ross, EMEA Education Lead with Zoom

As part of The Learnovate Centre’s Meet the Patrons series, we speak to Jane Ross who is EMEA Education Lead at video communication experts Zoom.
Ian Gibbs

Inside Learning Podcast with Ian Gibbs

This Inside Learning podcast features Ian Gibbs discussing how you can learn to harness effective learning techniques to get more out of the books, talks and videos you consume.