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Inside Learning Podcast with Janet Benson – Rethinking Remote Onboarding

In this episode, Janet and our host Aidan McCullen take an in-depth look at remote onboarding with lots of tips on how it should be done. With Janet's background in L&D and her extensive research in this area over the last number of years, she brings insights that are relevant to all aspects of onboarding. Aidan also contributes his own experiences with his new hires and his own approach which he has honed over the years.

Inside Learning Podcast with Rosan Bosch – Play to Learn, Designing for Uncertainty

Rosan Bosch is the founder and creative director of Rosan Bosch Studio, designing state-of-the-art learning landscapes built for wonder, motivation and creativity. In this episode Rosan discusses her "6 principles for creating stimulating and motivational environments for learning". She also takes us through "10 golden rules of supporting human development in learning situations".

Meet the Patrons Q&A with Chief Product Officer at ETU Dr. Conor Gaffney

As part of Learnovate’s Meet the Patrons series, we speak to Dr. Conor Gaffney, Chief Product Officer at ETU, an Irish technology firm specializing in immersive learning and simulation-based training for companies in the professional services, tech, finance, and life sciences sectors.

Learnovate Blog: Emerging Trends in Learning and Development 2023

In this article, we take a look at the most significant emerging trends that will influence the world of learning and development in 2023.

Inside Learning Podcast with Dr. Helena Boschi – Encouraging Creativity in the Workplace

Dr Helena Boschi is the author of “Why We Do What We Do: Understanding our brain to get the best out of ourselves and others”. Helena brings the fascinating world of brain science to the business context. In this episode she shares her thoughts on divergent and convergent thinking and encouraging creativity in the workplace.

Learnovate Blog: The Remotivate Project

How to motivate online learners in a post-pandemic landscape: Learnovate’s Innovation Services Lead Peter Gillis is doing a deep dive on creating a framework to keep remote and hybrid learners motivated over a sustained period.