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A fellow with the London-based Royal Society of Arts, Phaedra has focused on inclusion in technology since 1999. She is currently the business transformation leader for IBM’s Responsible AI consulting group and serves on the leadership team of IBM’s Academy of Technology. She is a co-founder of the Future World Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to curating K-12 education in AI ethics.

In 2019, she won the United Nations Woman of Influence in STEM and Inclusivity Award and was recognised by Women in Games International as one of the Top 100 Women in the Games Industry as she began one of the first scholarship programs in the United States for women to pursue degrees in game design and development.

Phaedra is also the author of the book “AI for the Rest of Us”.

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  • On AI and Bias:
    • “There’s a lot of bias in AI because it’s coded by people who have those biases. Being biased doesn’t mean you’re broken; it means you’re human.”
  • On the Socio-Technical Challenge of AI:
    • “Earning trust in something like artificial intelligence is not a technical problem with a technical solution; it is a socio-technical problem which means you need a holistic approach.”
  • On the Importance of Ethical AI:
    • “Even organizations that truly have the very best of intentions concerning their use of AI can end up causing both individual as well as societal harm.”
  • On AI Misapplications:
    • “The state of Michigan…procured an AI model to predict welfare fraud…it ran for three years with an accuracy score of less than 10 percent. So, thousands of vulnerable families were erroneously fined.”
  • On AI and Power Dynamics:
    • “Whenever we talk about artificial intelligence, it’s incredibly important that we talk about power.”
  • Principles for Responsible AI:
    • “What is the purpose of AI? It is not meant to displace people, it is not meant to have control over people, it is meant to augment human intelligence.”
  • On Diversity and Inclusivity in AI:
    • “Today, there’s a very small homogeneous group of humans developing AI, and it is their worldview which is being calcified in our AI models.”
  • On the Role of Culture in AI Development:
    • “You have to approach the space with humility, right? Because as much as there is to learn, there’s so much more we have to unlearn.”
  • On Education and AI Ethics:
    • “Why aren’t we teaching artificial intelligence today in Social Studies classes, where it ultimately belongs?”
Learnovate Phaedra Boinodiris - AI for the Rest of Us

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