Inside Learning Podcast with Henrik Horn Andersen – Mastering Virtual Facilitation

Posted by Learnovate

This episode of our Inside Learning Podcast features an insightful discussion with Henrik Horn Andersen, the author of ‘Virtual Facilitation: Create More Engagement and Impact.’

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic’s push towards virtual collaboration, Andersen’s work and experiences come at a crucial time when many are struggling to conduct effective and engaging virtual meetings, workshops, and events. Andersen shares his journey of rapidly adapting to virtual facilitation during the pandemic, training over 400 people on efficient virtual collaboration, thereby highlighting the importance of being ahead in adapting to crises. The episode delves into the essential aspects of virtual facilitation, including preparation, the role of the facilitator, engagement techniques, and common mistakes to avoid.

Andersen emphasizes the importance of considering human and brain-friendly approaches over technology-focused methods. Through practical advice and strategies, this podcast provides valuable
insights for anyone looking to enhance their virtual facilitation skills and make their online meetings more energetic and impactful.

Key talking points in this podcast:

  • The Need for Virtual Facilitation Skills
  • The Journey to Virtual Facilitation
  • The Role of the Facilitator in Virtual Meetings
  • The Importance of Meeting Design
  • Common Mistakes in Virtual Meetings
  • Concluding a Virtual Meeting
  • The Role of AI in Virtual Meetings

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