The rise of machines and the fall of experts

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Technology will transform the work of human experts say the keynotes at Learning Technologies 2019. Expertise will be liberated from human brains – transforming the way we produce and distribute expertise in society.

Past Event | Learnovate Learn & Connect Event | Building Better Teams with Improv

Join us at Huckletree on Thursday, 28 February from 5.30pm to 7pm for our latest 'Learn & Connect' event on Building Better Teams with Improv.
Rise & Learn

Past Event | Learnovate Rise & Learn Event | Showing the Business Value of Learning

Join us at The Alex Hotel on Wednesday, 30 January from 8am to 9am for the first event in our new 'Rise & Learn' event series on Showing the Business Value of Learning.
Mary Kate O' Flanagan, Story Consultant

Storytelling in Learning

We use more of our brain when we’re listening to stories. Learning that uses stories sustains attention, increases engagement and enhances memory. At our Storytelling in Learning event, we found out how stories impact our brains and bodies, and how to structure a story for maximum impact.

2019 Societies Brokerage

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Learnovate’s Learning Sciences Researcher Paul O’Raw recently participated in the 2019 SOCIETIES BROKERAGE event in Warsaw, Poland.