The new reality of online learning

Dr. Ann Devitt, Learnovate’s Academic Director speaks to Nessa McEniff, Director of Learnovate about the new reality of online learning as a result of Covid-19.

Perspectives on digital teaching and learning

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In light of the recent COVID-19 global pandemic there has been an urgent need to move higher education teaching and learning online. Learnovate has produced six guides to help lecturers and tutors provide teaching and assessment activities to their students through the use of digital tools and technologies.

Motivating students — and teachers – while distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic

Advances in learning technology means that, during the current Covid-19 pandemic, teachers and students are well prepared to continue their learning journeys at home.

What might your devices say about your emotional state?

As developing emotional awareness become a focus in the workplace, companies are exploring wearable devices with applications that attempt to detect changes in emotional states. 

Blind Spot - How Culture Impacts Communication

Nowhere is effective communication more urgent than safety-critical industries such as nuclear power plants, offshore oil platforms, rail transport and commercial aviation. Find out how effective assessment and development of culturally-aware communication skills reduce the risk of human error in safety-critical and mission-critical environments.