Next Practice Learning Solutions

Our multidisciplinary research teams are tasked with delivering next practice learning technology solutions by changing the way learning is delivered in the future at home, at school, in higher education and in the workplace.

We provide breakthrough research to our industry members to enhance their competitiveness and identify technologies that will support increased export revenues and job creation.

An Industry-driven Research Agenda

  • Our focus is on delivering innovative learning technologies
  • Our research agenda is defined and driven by industry requirements
  • We collaborate with the best research teams in Ireland and internationally
  • We help lower the risk of technology adoption by developing and trialling demonstrators that align with the industry challenges of our partners

The Learnovate Centre has four initial research themes selected by the Irish eLearning industry for their common interest across their core markets: corporate learning, schools (K-12), higher education and lifelong learning. The initial research themes are:

  1. Social and Informal Learning
  2. Mobile and Collaborative Learning
  3. Immersive Learning
  4. Metrics and Assessment

New project proposals are always welcome from organisations that require technology-enabled learning solutions to existing or future product challenges. Contact our team for more information on how you can work with us.

Metrics & Assessment
  • Assessment Methods
  • Performance Analytics
  • Return on Investment
Social & Informal Learning
  • Interoperability
  • Social Learning
  • Search
  • Personalisation
Mobile & Collaborative Learning
  • Intelligent Content Delivery
  • Location Based Learning
  • Hands on Learning
Immersive Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Games & Virtual Worlds