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  • SkillTrack!SkillTrack! is a year three project and is still in progress, the first phase was a research project (3 months) to understand the state of the art in terms of ‘assessment’ for 21st Century Skills. The development phase is focusing on the need to both capture and assess evidence to support the development and acquisition [...]Read More
  • iLearnWhat is it? iLearn is an immersive learning environment designed to identify, develop and assess problem solving, collaboration and other 21st century competencies through task-based game play. iLearn is underpinned by an innovative pedagogical framework to elicit and analyse problem solving and collaborative behaviours within the immersive learning environment. Evidence of problem solving and collaboration [...]Read More
  • AlmanacALMANAC is a multimodal software framework designed to provide learners with an engaging and intuitive learning experience incorporating a rich blend of multimedia including textual content, images, videos and animations. ALMANAC provides the learner with access to tailored learning experiences that are dynamically generated based on the learner’s immediate learning needs. The aim of ALMANAC [...]Read More
  • Game-based Learning for Early ChildhoodThis report presents a comprehensive review of the research evidence for the effectiveness of digital game-based learning for early childhood learning. The report also identifies the types of learning content suited to a digital games-based learning approach and outlines key considerations when designing games for early childhood. Report Objectives • Discover how digital gaming techniques [...]Read More
  • Curating Content for Informal LearningThe lesson curator provides organisations, instructors and learners with a powerful, easy-to-use web application for curating high quality learning resources. The application provides access to a range of publisher or public content collections, for example, general Web, Wikipedia and Khan Academy search. An intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface facilitates the rapid creation of coherent learning episodes. [...]Read More
  • My PaceMy Pace comprises a suite of next-generation learning technologies that support informal learning and harnesses open content. The student portal is designed as a homework help or online study aid for students to supplement their classroom-based learning. The student portal: • Delivers personalised learning unique to the student’s needs, preferences and abilities • Applies novel [...]Read More
  • Schools TabletThis project builds on the web-based version of our MyPace student portal by providing students with mobile touch-based access to a personalised and socially collaborative learning experience. The tablet version emphasises simplified usability and offers a quick and efficient tool to meet the informal learning needs of today’s mobile student learner. The Opportunity The MyPace [...]Read More