Research Report: The Use of Serious Games in the Corporate Sector

Corporate training is facing major challenges. Employees are no longer engaging with traditional forms of training including eLearning, finding the whole experience ‘unexciting’ and ‘boring’. Consequently, there is a need to make training more engaging, relevant and ‘sticky’ because a well trained workforce impacts key business drivers.

Compounding this situation is the growing numbers of ‘millennials’ entering the workforce. According to Bersin and Associates, by 2014, 47% of the US workforce will be under 35.

To address these industry challenges, the Learnovate Centre has released a state-of-the-art research report that focuses on the use of serious games in the corporate sector.

This 38-page report covers the following aspects:

  • The Pedagogy of Game-based Learning
  • The Research Evidence to Support Game-based Learning – including the impact on learning performance
  • The Uptake of Serious Games in the Corporate Sector – including examples of serious games usage in the corporate sector
  • Key Considerations for Designing Serious Games

Corporate_Games_Report_BlogDownload a copy of the report here [PDF]

Lynda Donovan, the report’s author and Pedagogical Lead at the Learnovate Centre, will present the research report on Thursday, 6th June at the Irish Symposium on Game Based Learning 2013.