Access to multi-million research programme and industry networking platform

How Membership Works

Our goal is to enhance the competitive advantage of Ireland’s learning technology industry through applied innovation. Membership is open to organisations who are interested in working with us to develop, apply and exploit breakthrough learning technologies.


Our members have the opportunity to influence the centre’s research agenda and to shape solutions. By actively engaging in research projects, you will also benefit from the sharing of best practice with our world-class industry and research partners.

Membership benefits include:

  • Influence €multi-million euro research programme.
    Each year Learnovate research applied areas of interest, the areas are influenced by the members. Learnovate engage with members every six months to establish themes that are based on the challenges facing industry.

  • First sight of research outputs.
    Learnovate research is delivered to a demonstrator level. Demonstrator means that while the technology is not taken to product level, it is functional and is trialed as proof of concept. The members receive first view of this research ahead of the general public, providing the early adopter opportunity to engage with and develop the research further.

  • Technology evaluation and trial opportunities.
    The need for Data, Participants and Technology to run effective trials means that members have the opportunity to engage with research projects of interest at a deeper level. The ability to partner on a research project provides members with close engagement and deep insight into the evolution and delivery of the project in hand.

  • Outreach activities, workshops, networking events.
    Learnovate run many events during the year, including our monthly Lunchtime Series of Guest Speakers, networking and brainstorming events.

As an industry focussed technology centre, Learnovate provide four industry services to deliver value to members

  • Preferential licence options (Generator)
    As a member you have the option to licence the research outputs of the centre through Learnovate.

  • Access to professional consultancy (Pathfinder)
    The multi-dimensional research team is available for commission on bespoke projects for members. If required we can work with members to seek funding for such activities through agencies. Learnovate is an approved knowledge provider recognised by Enterprise Ireland.

  • Access to research partnerships (Stakeholder)
    At a European level Learnovate will seek to further develop the centre’s capability through European funded projects like Horizon 2020.

Get Involved

We have tailored membership programmes to suit the needs of your business, whether an early stage start-up, established SME or large multinational.

To find out more, please contact Peter Gillis on +353 1 8964910 or email: