Should EdTech SMEs invest in machine learning?

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In a memorable opening scene of the movie Robocop thirty years ago, prototype security robot ED-209 fails to reverse an instruction to terminate a target during a demonstration.

Will Thalheimer: Does eLearning Work? What the Scientific Research Says!

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What does the scientific research tell us about elearning effectiveness, particularly as it compares with classroom instruction?

Impact Led Innovation - 3 stories from the field

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Impact led innovation is all about practical implementation. At Learning Tech Ireland you will get insights from three speakers sharing their experiences applying the concept in real world, learning technology, scenarios. Vivienne Ming…

LX Conference: Learning in the Age of Experience

By Janet Benson The LX Conference, held on 15-19 May, was the first online conference dedicated to Learning Experience (LX) Design and for me, as a Learning Experience Designer, this conference felt like the right fit for attendance, partly…

The xAPI story continues and it’s quite an exciting one!

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Back in 2015, Learnovate completed an initial xAPI project to explore the overall concept and all the things organisations would have to consider when implementing xAPI.