A quick look at how to decide the starting point for your next digital project.

At Learnovate we work with organisations looking to leverage the power of technology to enhance learning outcomes. We find their ideas range from improving how they do what they do already, to coming up with the next big idea

We're Hiring - Senior Business / Sales Development Manager

Learnovate is searching for a Business Development Manager, to be based in Dublin. In this role, you will establish a professional services sales channel by initially selling introductory innovation and digital transformation service offers. You will then convert these deals to higher value offerings, using a consultative sales approach and focusing on the effective use of technology. Your target buyer will be L&D / HCM decision makers in mid to large sized enterprises. As part of the senior leadership team, you will also develop the commercial capabilities of the organisation and its team.

Should EdTech SMEs invest in machine learning?

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In a memorable opening scene of the movie Robocop thirty years ago, prototype security robot ED-209 fails to reverse an instruction to terminate a target during a demonstration.

We're Hiring - Learning Sciences Researcher (Adult Learning)

Candidates are invited to apply for the position of Learning Sciences Expert (Adult Learning) in the Learnovate Centre, based in Dublin. This is a senior, highly collaborative role, working in a multi-disciplinary team in a dynamic environment. Projects range across sectors and types including developing innovative next-generation learning technology demonstrators and consultative funded projects working directly with industry.